brake partner in press brake with formed metal samples
Expand Your Manufacturing Capabilities
While it’s becoming less common to have a punch press in shops these days, there are certain forms that they do best. The Brake Partner® allows fabricators to use punch press tooling in the press brake to create those forms.
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Calculator on top of metal sample with punched holes
Piercing Tonnage Calculator

Punching Force (PF) is the force required to punch a hole. Calculating this force is an important step for fabricators – failure to do so can be costly, bringing production to a halt. A perimeter calculator is also available for some of the most common standard shapes.

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Templates for Punching Specials
An endless variety of application needs and forms are possible when forming sheet metal. Our punching templates provide guidance and help to ensure order accuracy when ordering tools.
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HPX® Thick Turret Tooling
HPX® guide assemblies are specifically engineered to meet the needs of sheet metal manufacturers and provide the easiest set-up and use for thick turret tooling. Spend less time being down.
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In-Machine Tapping

In-machine tapping tools allow manufacturers to tap holes right in the punch press with unparalleled speed and accuracy. With tooling options for numerous machine styles and various thread sizes available, these tools are a clear way to increase productivity and lower cost of goods.

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Trumpf tool from Wilson Tool in rail
Do More with Trumpf® Style Tooling
Tool your TRUMPF punch press with smarter, more productive tooling that gives you more. More grind life with GL dies. More uptime with 2-4-1 punches. More durability with lightweight aluminum cartridges… and more still.
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