Electrical box with EKOs
EKO Tooling
Electrical knockouts (EKO) are often overlooked, yet are part of our everyday life. Tucked away, they’re the unsung heroes of the electrical arena. Thanks in part to EKOs, our world can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch.
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Templates for Punching Specials
Lance and form tools have an endless variety of sizes and forms possible. Ensure order accuracy by using these templates and sending in a file of the form you are trying to make and/or your part.
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Perforating Solutions
Perforation applications can cost you time and cause distortion. A custom cluster tool from Wilson Tool has 2 to 120+ tips per punch, so it makes more holes with every stroke of the machine.
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HPX® Thick Turret Tooling
HPX® guide assemblies are specifically engineered to meet the needs of sheet metal manufacturers and provide the easiest set-up and use for thick turret tooling. Spend less time being down.
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QuickTap® Tapping Tool
QuickTap® tapping tools get the job done quickly and effectively by tapping threaded holes directly in the punch press. QuickTap tools can tap up to 200 holes per minute while preventing time-consuming secondary operations.
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Trumpf tool from Wilson Tool in rail
Trumpf® Style Tooling
Tool your TRUMPF punch press with smarter, more productive tooling that gives you more. More grind life with GL dies. More uptime with 2-4-1 punches. More durability with lightweight aluminum cartridges… and more still.
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