Collage of Stamping Tooling
Metalforming Tools for Stampers

Impax Tooling Solutions® and Exacta Tooling Solutions™ allow Wilson Tool to service every stamping need. 

  • Headed 
  • Retainers 
  • Ball Lock 

Tooling options that meet your production requirements and budget demands.

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Blue My Account Button on Keyboard
24/7 Access to Wilson Tool

My Account by Wilson Tool International is a must have solution for busy individuals looking to: 

  • Place quotes and orders online with current pricing. 
  • Accesss to drawings, invoices, tracking numbers and more.

Check items off the to-do list quickly and easily.

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Abstract image of press brake punches and dies
Press Brake Tooling

Wilson Tool International is proud to manufacture the most comprehensive line of press brake tooling in the world. 

  • American
  • WT
  • European
  • and more

We have your press brake needs covered.

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QuickTap Tapping Tools featuring B Station
Ultimate Flexibility for In-Machine Tapping

The new B-Station QuickTap® tapping tool from Wilson Tool International: 

  • Features a built-in fluid injection system. 
  • Taps up to 200 holes per minute. 
  • Runs multiple tap sizes. 

Start saving time and increasing accuracy.

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Close-up of Metal being bent with VSB Die
Short Flanges & Die Marks

V-Series Black (VSB) Dies from Wilson Tool make it much easier to produce: 

  • small flanges. 
  • small bend radii. 
  • bends closer to holes. 

Available for virtually all major styles of press brake tooling.

EXP punches and holders
EXP® Punch Tip Tooling
Manufacturers who run EXP tooling benefit from: 
  • Decresed tool set-up time. 
  • Less downtime for resharpening tools. 
  • Saved space due to the small footprint of the punch tips. 
Available for Thick Turret, Thin Strippit, Salvagnini.
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