Orange Tool cabinet with black plastic trays inside
Reduce Secondary Operations
Speed your manufacturing process, eliminate steps and lower your costs by using standard punching tools and innovative techniques to connect sheet metal forms. We’ll show you how.
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HP Accu-Lock® Retainer Inserts
HP Accu-Lock® Retainer Inserts let you create the retainer you need in-house without stopping production to order a custom retainer. There’s little downtime, and no need for complicated tools or specialized knowledge.
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Rotating image of special bent metal shapes: Radius, bend close to flange, louvers, z-bend, box bend
Custom Press Brake Tooling
No matter how unique your application, our innovative solutions simplify complex bends and make the impossible possible. We are defined by our “never say no” attitude.
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My Account - 24/7 Access to Wilson Tool

24/7 Access to Wilson Tool. For busy individuals looking for drawings, invoices, tracking numbers, current pricing on standard tooling and more, My Account by Wilson Tool International is a must have solution. Place your next tooling order online with 24/7 access to your account so you can check items off the to-do list quickly and easily.

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A and B Station EXP punch tip tooling from Wilson Tool
EXP® Punch Tip Tooling
EXP® punch tip technology provides manufacturers with a universal tool that’s more affordable and durable than a standard punch. Advantages to running EXP tooling include decreased tool set-up time, less downtime for resharpening tooling and the space to stock more tools due to the small footprint of the punch tips.
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