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How to Use an Air Bend Force Chart
Air Bending is a common practice in the bending industry. An Air Bending Force Chart will help you select the correct V opening in your die to get the bend that you want. It will also ensure your tool selection is safe. Watch now to learn how to air bend right.
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Close up of formed corner on metal sample
High-Quality Formed Corners in Minutes

Manufacture clean, finished corners in three easy steps with the Corner Former from Wilson Tool International. Simply flare, form and crop in one setup on your press brake.

Abstract image of press brake punches and dies
Press Brake Tooling

Wilson Tool International is proud to manufacture the most comprehensive line of press brake tooling in the world. 

  • American
  • WT
  • European
  • and more

We have your press brake needs covered.

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Express Rail, Express Crowning and Express Clamps
Clamping Solutions for the Press Brake
Advanced clamping solutions for upper and lower beams can be added to virtually any press brake to speed up tool changeovers, reduce downtime and refurbish your beams so your current brake gets an upgrade.
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Rotating image of special bent metal shapes: Radius, bend close to flange, louvers, z-bend, box bend
Custom Press Brake Tooling
No matter how unique your application, our innovative solutions simplify complex bends and make the impossible possible. We are defined by our “never say no” attitude.
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xtreme cabinet with tooling in open drawers
Press Brake Tool Stoarge
For press brake operators, quick and easy tool access is key to increasing performance and safety. Vertical drawers allow ergonomic access from either side and easy tool identification. This is the tool cabinet the industry has been asking for.
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