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QuickTap® for Strippit PX

The QuickTap® for Strippit PX is the fastest and most reliable tapping tool on the market, tapping up to 120 holes per minute. It eliminates costly secondary tapping applications, creating fast, accurate taps on the punch press at any programmed location on the sheet. The tool is designed with an internal fluid injection system that is synchronized with machine stroke and lasts for up to 4,000 holes before a refill is needed. QuickTap® Strippit PX is designed to enable fast and simple tool setups.

QuickTap® Strippit PX Features

  • Taps a threaded hole with every machine stroke — up to 120 holes per minute (depending on material type, thickness, and tap size)
  • Produces accurate threads at any programmed location on the sheet
  • Built-in tapping fluid injection system, in the die, is synchronized with the machine stroke to reduce wear and breakage
  • Tapping injection system enables tapping up to 4,000 holes before refilling
  • Taps are easily changed — no tools or disassembly required
  • Accepts multiple sized taps
  • Tool lubrication is made simple through the use of external grease and oil ports
  • No hole safety feature to prevent tap breakage and tool damage
  • Requires no machine upgrades or modifications to run this tool
  • Compatible with LVD Strippit PX Series machines and Pullmax 520, 530, 720 and 730 machines

QuickTap® Strippit PX Replacement Parts

The QuickTap Strippit PX product utilizes several consumable products that are available from Wilson Tool. Replaceable component parts include:

  • QuickTap Strippit PX Pitch Inserts. These are a crucial part of the QuickTap system. Each is specially engineered to convert the punch stoke into the proper feed for the tap pitch being used.
  • QuickTap Strippit PX Taps. These are specially designed for use in the QuickTap tapping tool family. They are made from premium powdered tool steel and are available in multiple metric or imperial sizes.
  • QuickTap Strippit PX Tapping Oils. These are recommended for use with the QuickTap tapping tool. Two different types of oils are available: Wilson Tool Endure Tapping Oil and Wilson Tool Vapor Oil.

Service Offering

Tapping is a very important part of many manufacturing operations. Inefficient and unreliable tools can seriously affect your production times. Because of this, having a fast, reliable service provider is key. Wilson Tool offers best-in-class services for the new QuickTap Strippit PX tapping tool.

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