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QuickTap® Tapping Tool

The Wilson Tool International manufactured QuickTap® is the fastest and most reliable tapping tool on the market. It not only taps up to 200 holes per minute, but it’s made and serviced by Wilson Tool. That means you get the responsiveness and delivery you expect from the provider you trust.

QuickTap® saves you the time and accuracy that’s lost with a secondary threading application. It taps fast and accurate threads at any programmed location on the sheet metal, right in the punch press. It comes with its own internal fluid injection system that is synchronized with machine stroke, and lasts for up to 40,000 holes before a refill is needed.

The QuickTap® comes with all the components needed to get you tapping holes in no time, and Wilson Tool provides all the replacement parts you need to keep your tool tapping for years to come.

​Service Offering

Tapping is a very important part of many manufacturing operations. When the product isn’t working, the operation can slow down. Because of this, having a fast, reliable service provider is key. Wilson Tool offers best-in-class services for the new QuickTap® tapping tool. Not all service needs are the same – service is based on needs. Contact us today and our tooling technicians can help you customize your repair.

QuickTap® features:

  • Tap a threaded hole with every machine stroke – up to 200 holes per minute (Depending on material type, thickness, and tap size)
  • Thread forming taps create a 30% stronger tapped hole compared to conventional cutting taps
  • Produce accurate threads at any programmed location on the sheet
  • Built-in tapping fluid injection system is synchronized with the machine stroke to reduce wear and breakage
  • Tapping injection system’s large tank enables the tapping of up to 40,000 holes before refilling
  • Taps are easily changed – no disassembly required
  • Accepts multiple sized taps
  • Taps available in both imperial and metric sizes
  • Tool lubrication is made simple through the use of external grease and oil ports
  • Currently available for thick turret punch presses, B, C and D stations
  • Also available for Strippit PX and Euromac machines

Tool Operation:

  1. Punch a round hole to a specific size
  2. Form extrusion if required
  3. Move tapping tool to same hole location
  4. Stroke press
  5. Tap turns while going down forming threads

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