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Custom Steel Stamps Flyer Thumbnail
Custom Steel Stamps Flyer

Direct-from-the-mill sourcing and the largest tool steel selectio...

Custom Tooling for Stamping Flyer Thumbnail
Custom Tooling for Stamping Flyer

Is your tool room overloaded? Do you need more machine hours? Par...

Exacta ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
Exacta ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

This is to certify that Exacta Tool ULC o/a Wilson Tool Canada - ...

Impax ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
Impax ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

This is to certify that the Quality Management System of Impax To...

Custom Retainers Flyer
Custom Retainers Flyer

When it comes to custom ball lock retainers, Wilson Tool Internat...

Unitized Tooling Catalog
Unitized Tooling Catalog

With complete interchangeability and for use in industry standard...

Cribware Inventory Management Flyer Preview
Inventory Management Powered by Cribware®

CRIBWARE® is a proven software and storage solution that make...

Exacta Catalog
Exacta Tooling Headed and Ball-Lock (Inch and Metric)

Exacta Tooling Solutions™ is a stamping product line design...

Custom Tooling for Manufacturing Flyer
Custom Tooling for Manufacturing

It’s well known that Wilson Tool International provides the...

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Stamping Tool Steel Video Preview
Tool Steel Options to Increase Uptime

Save time and reduce downtime with the proper tool steel for your...

Saved List Video Thumbnail
Saved Lists with My Account by Wilson Tool Interna...

Utilize Saved Lists in My Account to inventory tools, speed up th...

Preview My Account video
Placing Quotes and Orders with My Account by Wilso...

You can now place quotes and orders online with My Account &ndash...

Featured Solutions Stamping Video Preview
Featured Solutions for Stamping Applications

Impax Tooling Solutions®, a division of Wilson Tool Internati...

My Account Video Preview
Introducing My Account by Wilson Tool International

My Account by Wilson Tool International is our NEW online tool fo...

Stamping Tool Maintenance
Increase Tool Life with Preventative Maintenance |...

Achieving optimal machine uptime and tool life requires properly ...

Cost vs. Value
Cost vs. Value in the Stamping Industry | Stamping...

Want to know how much you save when you invest in powerful toolin...

Wilson Tool Stamping Options Video
Wilson Tool Stamping Options Video

Each metal stamping house has unique needs. That’s why we&r...

Round Forms Video
Round Forms Video

Fabricating round forms without material sticking or tearing is o...

Wilson Tool Bunter

“This bunter lasted 10 times longer than our typical one.”

One customer increased their brass casing production by 1000% when he tried bunters made with this patented process. With less downtime and lower tooling costs, being highly productive is now easier than ever.

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Custom Tooling Collage

Go Beyond Fabrication’s Limits

Impax Tooling Solutions® specializes in custom solutions for manufacturing needs of all kinds. Well made, long-lasting products like custom wire work, special components and forming tools are an Impax specialty. Challenge us with your special request.

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Benefits for Canadian Businesses

Benefits for Canadian Businesses

Don’t forget, there are multiple benefits for Canadian businesses ordering through Wilson Tool Canada.

  • Local support, service, and manufacturing
  • No broker fees
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Faster replacement component delivery times
  • Favorable exchange rate for reduced costs
  • Canadian generated invoices

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Close-up on Inventory being scanned

Inventory Management Powered by Cribware®

Make sure you always have what you need, when you need it, and never too much.

In today’s complex manufacturing world, having the correct tooling to keep your facility running is critical. With CRIBWARE software, you are able to have real time visibility of your tooling and easily maintain your inventory.

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