Wilson Tool Introduces EXP® Punch Technology for Fab/Thin Turret Tooling


WHITE BEAR LAKE, MINN. (June 18, 2013) – Wilson Tool International now offers EXP® punch technology for Fab/thin turret style tooling. Previously available only for thick turret tooling, EXP® delivers the fastest setups in the industry.

EXP® punch technology is the first tooling to offer a standard holder with universal punches, making it practical and cost effective for fabricators to replace only the punch. With EXP®, switching between punches is up to four times faster than traditional punches. All EXP® punches come standard with Wilson Tool’s exclusive Ultima® premium tool steel ­– resulting in twice the life as most standard punches.

In addition, Wilson Tool now offers HPX® guide assemblies for Fab/thin turret tooling. HPX® guide assemblies combine the industry-leading innovation found in EXP® punch technology with Wilson Tool’s patented HP2 punch adjustment capabilities, including tool-free punch length adjustment. The result is the fastest and easiest-to-use Fab/thin turret tooling available today.

June 18, 2013