Wilson Tool Introduces Adjustable V Dies


WHITE BEAR LAKE, MINN. (November 12, 2012) – Wilson Tool International is pleased to introduce Adjustable V dies for bending thick, heavy materials on the press brake.

Adjustable V dies make it possible to adjust the width of the V-opening using a single die. This versatility eliminates the need to purchase multiple dies with different V openings.

Adjustable V dies feature a V opening that can be adjusted from one to 18 inches by one-inch increments. Rather than changing out the die for each new bend, a single operator can adjust the V opening as needed by moving, then locking the side blocks into position. This greatly reduces changeover time and improves productivity.

The die assembly can also be configured to remain on the press permanently and function as a standard die holder, further reducing the amount of time your operators spend setting up.

Adjustable V dies are capable of withstanding a tonnage of up to 200 tons per foot, allowing you to easily bend thick material.

Manufactured for long-lasting durability, Adjustable V dies are induction hardened and include hard chrome rollers to help reduce the tonnage required by as much 20 percent. The chrome rollers can be replaced on-site as necessary, minimizing maintenance costs.

Adjustable V dies are available with a number of adjustment and clamping options to suit the needs of your operators, including: manual clamping of side blocks, hydraulic clamping and manual movement of side blocks, or hydraulic clamping and automated movement of side blocks. 

Adjustable V dies are available exclusively from Wilson Tool. 

For more information or high-resolution images, contact [email protected].

November 12, 2012