Wilson Tool Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Mate Precision Tooling


Wilson Tool International Inc. filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Mate Precision Tooling on October 10, 2017, in the Federal District Court for the District of Minnesota.
The lawsuit alleges that Mate’s Ultra QCT – Quick Change Thick Turret Tooling System line of products infringes U.S. Patent Nos. 9,687,994 and 9,776,337, both titled "Punch Assemblies and Methods for Modifying."
Wilson Tool’s EXP® and HPX® quick-change punch tip technology and guide assemblies combine lower cost with faster setup, increased life between sharpening, and greater versatility.  The EXP® and HPX® solutions provide longer-lasting punch tips, and enable customers to quickly change punch tips without the need to change the entire punch holder, lowering their costs and saving valuable time.
Wilson Tool is committed to protecting its substantial investments in research and development, and in bringing new technologies and products to its customers, by obtaining intellectual property protection and enforcing its rights against unauthorized uses.
About Wilson Tool
Wilson Tool provides a wide range of tool solutions for Tableting, Stamping, Bending and Punching customers around the globe. We are best known for our over 50 years of customized tooling solutions designed to help customers resolve their most challenging fabrication issues.

October 10, 2017