Tip of the Iceberg

HVAC parts maker warms up to cool punch technology that saves tools, time and dollars.


FF Journal, February 2017

Whether you’re in Atlanta or Anchorage, Malibu or Milwaukee, heating and air conditioning are no longer considered luxuries. For people living in some of the world’s most challenging climates, temperature control is a life-sustaining technology.

Oppressive heat and bone-chilling cold are two of the common elements that Price Industries fights on a global scale. The manufacturer of industrial heating, ventilation and air conditioning components, Price runs fabrication facilities in the U.S. and Canada and a distribution network encompassing the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Its fab shop in Suwanee, Georgia, makes parts for HVAC equipment found in hospitals, offices and schools. In a business that demands fast turnaround and high-quality components, Price Industries faced a significant challenge when operators working with thicker sheet metal consistently damaged the punching tools.

In addition to rapid production sched- ules, operators had high-volume run requirements. CNC Turret Manager Jimmy Hollis decided something needed to be done...

February 14, 2017