The Hold on Premium Clamping Systems

What to Expect When Upgrading to a Premium Clamping System


Clamping tools into a press brake is an underserved, often overlooked type of task. With a traditional clamping system, tool changes involve set screws, heavy lifting and careful alignment and seating of the tool you’re putting into the brake. For many, this is the way tool changes have always been, squeezing entire careers out of the workhorse press brakes of our forefathers. The rails of the brake wear down over time, requiring a time-consuming and costly resurfacing job.


Upgrading to a premium clamping system for less than the cost of having your press brake’s rail resurfaced can refurbish the working surface to a new like condition for your capital asset. You’ll notice a quick return of your initial investment when you’re flying through tool changes. 


Wilson Tool offers several types of clamping systems, depending on what equipment you’re running. Our Express Clamping System® offers a tight, accurate hold at the flip of a lever, where the Express Rail® and Express Air™ line of products offer automated clamping and seating, at the press of a wireless button. 

  • Express Clamping System® – Front and rear simultaneous clamping with a simple lever activation. Available to work with any press brake. Clamps European style punches and American, WT or European style dies.
  • Express Rail® – Reduce set-up time with a wireless pendant control, clamping and seating your press brake tooling in seconds. The Express Rail® 1000 and Express Rail® 2000 hydraulic clamping systems work with any press brake and operate with WT and American style tooling.
  • Express Air™ – Sectionalized punch clamp powered by standard shop air. European style press brake punches seat and clamp in seconds with the push of a button.

Adding a clamping system to your press brake is breathing new life into your existing machine. These systems can also accompany the purchase of a new press brake.

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November 18, 2019