Staples of Stamping

Explore the evolution and advancements in the stamping industry. 


Metal Forming and Stamping is one of the workhorse industries of manufacturing. Stamping has been around for ages and has forged countless careers since the first coins were struck thousands of years ago. What does the industry look like today? What are the common materials and machines found in the modern-day shop? How has stamping changed in past five decades?

What’s Being Stamped Today?

Under the modern press, you’ll find new versions of familiar objects: dishwasher panels, washing machines and dryers, lawn and garden equipment, vehicle panels and all sorts of things we see in everyday life. Interestingly, many of the items being stamped today resemble the stamped items from decades passed. Materials and equipment are a different story.

What Technological Leaps Have Impacted the Industry the Most?

Materials continue to get stronger and lighter. High strength, low alloy materials are common in automotive applications, reducing weight while maintaining strength standards. Coatings and deliberately selected tool steels have vastly improved punch life.

Along with evolving materials, the machinery involved in stamping operations has greatly improved. Servo presses, the modern moniker for a stamping press, have more speed and control than ever before. Modern presses use only 10-20% of the energy used by their older, counterpart stamping presses.

Where is the Industry Going in the Future?

The demand for smaller parts and micro stamping exists now more than ever, especially in the medical and technological sectors. Most projections, however, show that stamping is poised to look the same as it does today, possibly decades down the road. Automation and Industry 4.0 will have an impact on many operations as technology and information evolves. While some shops have implemented the latest equipment, it is not uncommon to see a 30-year-old press hard at work, and they’ll remain immensely valuable for the foreseeable future.

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March 24, 2020