Need More Punching Capacity? Turn Your Press Brake Into a Punch Press

Does limited punching capacity and outsourcing lead times cause production delays in your shop? Here is a simple, affordable and effective system that can expand the capabilities of your press brakes, help streamline operations and eliminate the need for outsourcing or purchasing new equipment.


Because punch presses share space in fabrication shops with laser cutting machines, many fabricators are realizing the value of the punch press and its ability to create forms. Whether your punch presses have been replaced by laser cutting machines or are simply running at full capacity, a new tooling holder makes it possible to produce forms using punch press tooling on the press brake. Our Brake Partner® system enables shops to perform punch press operations in-house, even when no punching machine is available. Manufactured to fit virtually any press brake, this system allows the components of punch press style forming tools to be used on a press brake. Instead of using the existing turret tooling guide assembly designed for the punch press, the punch, stripper and die components are assembled with a new, innovative punch and die holder set. A new pressure-pad system provides both stripping and blank holding. The system uses guide pins to maintain alignment between the upper and lower units of the tool holder. If alignment isn’t an issue, the guide pins can be completely removed during forming.

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April 12, 2019