Tablet Tooling Solutions Catalog

328-1 Size Tooling

328-1 size tooling is available in a wide variety of standard shapes and can also be customized to your specific application and design. The upper punch and lower punch are available in standard or advanced tool steel, to help you ensure the best in performance and production based on your tablet needs. Dies can be manufactured with standard steel, or in a wide variety of high-performance advanced steel options.

Additional Features

Other features that need to be considered when ordering punch tooling include the head design, keying requirements and tip relief. For dies, review taper type requirements. See our Tablet Tooling Solutions catalog for additional selection details.


Tool steels and surface treatments help to increase tooling performance. Additionally, a high polish finish can increase tooling life.

  • Steel Options: A2, D2, DC-53, D3, M2 PM-M4, S7, PM-3V, Tungsten Carbide, 440C and M340
  • Surface Treatment Options: Chrome Plating, Chromium Nitride, Wearbeater, Optima® and Slip-Max

We manufacture both traditional tooling and tooling for high-throughput machines. ​High-throughput machines require tooling that is manufactured to tolerances more stringent than interchangeable tooling.

We adhere to the Tableting Specification Manual (TSM) guidelines regarding the design and manufacture of tablet tooling, which involve maintaining very tight tolerances.

We maintain a large inventory of steels and semi-finished stock for rapid delivery. If you frequently use tooling that is outside of our standard stock, however, please make us aware of your usage and we will be happy to stock additional sets on site. These items will be made available at no additional charge to you.

If you require specially engineered tablet press tooling, our design team will customize a solution to meet the demands of your application.