Impax Tooling Solutions® Catalog

Special Shapes

Wilson Tool International offers 2D shapes custom manufactured to your specifications. These are available in over 100 catalog shapes, as well as unique shapes designed specifically for your application, to help you create exactly what your customers need.
All our special 2D shapes are made-to-order so that we can evaluate and treat the particular challenges of your application directly.

Special shapes come with their own set of challenges. Because of their nontraditional contours, uncommonly shaped punches can experience uneven tool wear, tool weakness and even breakage if not machined correctly. Impax Tooling Solutions® employs a number of special machining techniques to treat the common failure points of special tooling shapes.
Impax Tooling Solutions® division of Wilson Tool employs straight-line or linear grinding as an add-on to special shapes. This method is used by default on any shape with an internal feature. Because straight-line grinding creates a grain structure in the punch that’s in the direction of penetration, it reduces galling, resistance and stripping pressure.
In addition to optimizing punch life, this procedure preserves life in springs and other die components because it minimizes stripping forces, leading to all around lower impact.
Beyond linear grinding, Impax offers a large range of options from 5-axis machining to customized wiring, turning and milling to help you receive the best performance from your special tooling. Contact our technically trained staff to create the ideal custom solution today.
Wilson Tool offers a wide selection of special shapes as well as a variety of other special tooling. If you have a challenging stamping application, our industry-leading experts will work with you to create the ideal tooling solution.
The Impax Tooling Solutions® division of Wilson Tool leads the industry with service, quality and innovation. We manufacture a full selection of high quality punch and die components, including standard shapes, round forms, and special 2D shapes. 

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