Half Shear / Rooftop Half Shear Template
Murata Wiedemann Tooling Catalog

Half Shear

The Half Shear from Wilson Tool is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to put in shear buttons and spot welding locators to the accuracy of your punch press. Round Half Shears make excellent locators for angular shearing and Rooftop Half Shears give you greater height protrusion from the metal which assists in picking up the locator on the sheet.


Explore the different solutions to your common punching manufacturing applications:

  • Connective Forms: Assemble parts without screws, welds and clips using punches and dies you may already have.
  • Countersinks: Eliminate secondary operations when creating countersinks.
  • In Machine Tapping: Tapping tools allow you to tap holes right in the punch press with unparalleled speed and accuracy.
  • Perforating (Clusters): Make more holes with every stroke of your machine. Clusters can be made to punch 2-120+ holes at a time.
  • Parting: Minimize down time with your parting tool.

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Wilson Tool recognizes that all applications do not fit in a standard template which is why our design team is known for their innovative solutions and can-do attitude. Send us your application and the Wilson Tool team will work with you to create the solution your job requires.