EHRT Bus Bar Tooling Flyer

EHRT Standard Tooling

Reliability is a critical component of bus bar manufacturing. Wilson Tool International’s EHRT style punches and dies are engineered to meet the most rigorous quality and tolerance standards, delivering accuracy and durability with each and every hit. Bolster your tooling with Optional Optima®, Slip-Max® and Wearbeater™ coatings, tailored to your application.

Wilson Tool offers a comprehensive range of punches and dies that accommodate any standard bus bar thickness. Our high-grade tool steel stands up to copper, aluminum, even steel. Available in EHRT Standard sizing, the HP Adjustable Driver delivers the most grind life in the industry, while reducing the shimming needs of standard punches. 

Wilson Tool stocks a comprehensive line of OEM compatible EHRT products, including:

• Punches
• Strippers
• Dies
• Split cylinder 
• Tool guides 

EHRT HP Adjustable Driver Assembly 

• Up to .250” grind life 
• No shimming required
• OEM compatible
• Optima®, Slip-Max® and Wearbeater™ coatings available 
• Slug Hugger® available upon request 

HP adjustable drivers from Wilson Tool International exponentially extend the grind life of your standard EHRT tooling. No shims equate to time saved avoiding complicated set ups.

Coatings provide a bolstering layer onto tool steels, prolonging the life and accuracy of the tool. 

  • Wearbeater™: Wilson Tool’s exclusive Wearbeater™ coating is a titanium nitride (TiN) solution. It helps reduce galling and extends the life of the tool in certain applications. 
  • Optima®: Developed by Wilson Tool engineers in our state-of-the-art coating facility, our revolutionary Optima® coating provides significantly longer tool life, more hits between sharpenings, reduced galling, better performance and less downtime. Its HRC-95 surface-hardness rating far exceeds the hardness levels achieved with conventional tool steels. 
  • Slip-Max®: Available only from Wilson Tool International, Slip-Max® coating has proven effective in some very tough punching and forming applications. The combination of its hardness and lubricity greatly increases punch life and reduces galling when piercing aluminum. Slip-Max® is also very effective in resolving even the most challenging stripper problems when punching or forming stainless steel and aluminum. 

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