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Express Rail® Clamping Systems

You have options when it comes to selecting the right clamping system. The Express Rail® 1000 and Express Rail® 2000 clamping systems from Wilson Tool International offer a premium and lower-cost solution for high-speed hydraulic clamping.

Express Rail® 1000

Express Rail® 1000 offers a modular body system and is treated with Wilson Tool’s exclusive Nitrex® high endurance heat treat process, providing enhanced corrosion resistance and extended clamp life.

Express Rail® 2000

You now have a lower cost hydraulic clamping option for your press brake tooling. This budget-conscious addition offers the exceptional value, toughness and reliability that you expect from any Wilson Tool clamping solution.

Both systems increase uptime and enhance productivity on your existing press brake and feature the following:

  • Hydraulic power source
  • Longer life due to a hardened body
  • Quick clamping for American and WT-Style tooling
  • Automatic fluid level monitoring for greater reliability
  • Simple push-button loading
  • Wireless pendant control

See the potential savings available to your organization by using this ROI Estimation Calculator.

Hydraulic clamping systems are among the most efficient style of clamping systems. Fitted for both old and new machinery, hydraulic clamps save you time and money. If you have an older press brake with damaged load bearing surfaces, a hydraulic holder may be the best way to repair the problem and increase clamping and set-up efficiency. If you are purchasing a new machine, ask your OEM to include our clamping system as they can be fitted to any new press brake.


Adding a clamping system to your press brake is like adding new life to your machine in that it adds modern and efficient clamping and refreshes the bending surface. Clamps are also a way to dramatically reduce setup and changeover time. With solutions ranging from lightning speed push-button clamps, to a deflection controlling crowning system to quick lever-activated clamps or economical manual holders, Wilson Tool provides a clamping solution for every press brake.

Wilson Tool International’s press brake tooling leads the industry with service, quality and innovation. With a full selection of precision and American Planed press brake tooling styles and clamping technology, we manufacture state-of-the-art tooling to increase your productivity and efficiency.​​