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Express Die Holder

Dramatically Speed Setups.

Express Clamp Die Holders eliminate the need for set screws and allow users to change dies in moments.

One Step Mechanical Die Clamping.

The Express Clamp Die Holder is the mechanical alternative for instant die clamping, locking press brake dies in place with the pull of a lever. The holder is compatible with virtually any make or model of American style press brake.

Nitrex® Surface Enhancement Increases Clamp Life.

The Express Clamp Die Holder is treated with Wilson Tool’s exclusive Nitrex® high endurance surface enhancement. Wilson Tool's patented process provides a surface hardness of HRC-70, increasing long-term durability and minimizing galling. In even the toughest bending situations, Nitrex® will extend the life of your die clamps by several times that of untreated beams.

The Express Die Holder is available for American and WT-style dies.

Key Features of the Express Die Holder:

• Simple lever activation
• Nitrex® surface enhancement =surface hardness of 70 HRC
• Available in multiple tang styles


Adding a clamping system to your press brake is like adding new life to your machine in that it adds modern and efficient clamping and refreshes the bending surface. Clamps are also a way to dramatically reduce setup and changeover time. With solutions ranging from lightning speed push-button clamps, to a deflection controlling crowning system to quick lever-activated clamps or economical manual holders, Wilson Tool provides a clamping solution for every press brake.
Wilson Tool International’s press brake tooling leads the industry with service, quality and innovation. With a full selection of precision and American Planed press brake tooling styles and clamping technology, we manufacture state-of-the-art tooling to increase your productivity and efficiency.​​