ATC Tooling for MC Machinery Systems

ATC Tooling for MC Machinery

Wilson Tool and MC Machinery Systems Partnership

Wilson Tool looks to the future, partnering with MC Machinery Systems on their new robotic press brake. As an OEM supplier for MC Machinery’s traditional press brake tooling, adding the ATC line felt like a natural fit. Now, as the approved vendor, Wilson Tool International can provide OEM approved tooling and innovative solutions for MC Machinery’s ATC Tool Changer Press Brake.

Increase Production, Decrease Set-up Times

The ATC, by MC Machinery Systems, offers one of the largest tool storage systems on the market with the most flexibility of use. The perfect solution for high mix, low volume work in today’s modern manufacturing environment.

Tool Usage Flexibility

Machines equipped with the ATC are not limited to using tools from the tool changer’s storage. The operator can use the machine as a stand-alone press brake, as well as an automated system. This gives the operator flexibility for hot jobs, one-offs, or jobs that utilize tooling not stored in the tool changer.

Standard Lengths

• 500mm = 19.7" [500mm]
• Sectionalized (X) = 41.3" [1050mm]
• Sectionalized (X1) = 19.7" [500mm]
• Sectionalized (X2) = 21.65" [550mm]