Mobile Storage Cart Flyer

Mobile Storage Cart

Tool Storage and Mobility

Tired of the broken-cart shuffle? Each year, thousands of shiny new carts roll onto shop floors all over the world, only to begin a rather short “carting” career. Unfocused, do-it-all carriers can’t take the beating and repetitive use that is seen across many shop floors, and end up failing. That’s when do-it-all becomes replace it now. The cycle continues. 
The Mobile Storage Cart from Wilson Tool International is a purpose driven solution for tool storage and mobility. The stout cart gives plenty of space to store commonly used items and has the option to add tool holders, maximizing space and providing a helpful assist during tool change over. Stay organized and leave the moving to us.

Mobile Storage Cart Specs:

  • 250 lbs drawer weight capacity
  • 250 lbs shelf weight capacity
  • Retainer top
  • Option to store punches upright
  • Non marking/scratching
  • Accommodates a solid 36” tool
  • Heavy Duty Casters (two stationary, two swivel locking)
  • Ability to accessorize to individual needs

End the waste and replace cycle. The Mobile Storage Cart from Wilson Tool International delivers a reliable tooling storage and transportation system, while minimizing strain on operators. The Mobile Storage Cart is purpose built for your needs and will last year after year.