Placing Quotes & Orders

Can I laser mark my tool?
Yes. Select “More Options” on the product page. (Watch video demo.)

Can I quote/order tooling from different divisions in one cart?
Yes. All tools available in My Account are able to be ordered in one cart. You do not need separate carts for each division.

Can I pay for my order with a credit card?
Yes. Wilson Tool accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Can I pay for my order with a PO?

How do I change the laser marking when I reorder?
To change existing laser marking, add the item to your Quote cart, then select “Change Configuration”. When done, move the item to the Order Cart. (Watch video demo.)

How fast will quotes/orders be processed once submitted?
If you do not want your quote/order reviewed by a Tooling Technician, you will receive your quote or order confirmation within minutes. If you choose to have your quote/order reviewed, it will go in the queue and be processed like other forms of submissions (emails).

I am reordering tools from a previous order. How do I change the quantity?
Add the item to the Order Cart and simply change the quantity. (Watch video demo.)

Can I attach a hard copy PO when I use the “Order All” or “Reorder All” feature?
Yes. Select “Order All” or “Reorder All” from your Quote & Order History. On the Check Out Page, Select “Add a File or Comment to this Order”. (Watch video demo.)

I tried to order a tool and got the message “This tool is not available”. What does this mean?
Not all tooling Wilson Tool manufactures is available to quote/order via My Account. Please contact a Tooling Technician. Product lines and features not available in My Account include:
• Bending: Tip Mods, Cuts, Relief, Planner Milled Tooling, Clamping 
• Punching: i-Series, Ehrt Multi Tools, 28xx, Single Station, Keyed Turret, Ironworker 
• Stamping: Exacta Tooling Solutions™
Tableting: All products

I am not 100% sure what tool I need to order. What options are there?
• Follow the guided navigation to select your items.
• Click on “Resources” to learn about tool options.
Call or email a Tooling Technician for help.

I ship using a UPS / FEDEX Account number. Can I use this when ordering through My Account?
Yes, if your account is already set up to ship collect. If you’d like to set it up, please contact a Tooling Technician.

If I create a Quote and don’t submit it, can a different member of my company place it on order?
No. Only quotes that have been submitted to Wilson Tool are visible to others from your company.

When a quote or order is submitted, will it be reviewed by someone?
You have the option to request review by one of our Tooling Technicians. Check the box found at the bottom of your quote/order cart. If you select this option, you will receive your quote/order confirmation once a Tooling Technician has reviewed it. (Watch video demo.) LINK NEEDED

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Placing Quotes & Orders – Bending Specific

Can I order multiple quantities for the same profile?
Each length can be entered with a desired quantity. However, to change a length you must return to the item detail page. For instance, you can add (2) 41908LT to the cart. Then you must return to the item detail page to order (1) X.

Can I order a PBS in My Account?
Although there is no functionality built in for ETO tooling, a line item can be created by selecting “Specials” and then adding text and/or an attachment – much the same as an email.

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Placing Quotes & Orders – Stamping Specific

Can I change the configuration on a reorder?
Yes. To change a reorder item configuration you must first “Move to Quote” where you can change the configuration. Update the quote configuration — when back in the quote cart you can “Move to Order” with updated configuration.

Can I order a new Stamping special?
To order a new special stamping product, select as much information as known. Complete the required information by entering a place holder dimension of 0.10 and add your attachments and/or notes necessary for the Tooling Technician to complete the processing. You will know you entered enough information when the “Get a Quote” or “Add to Cart” buttons are blue.

Can I reorder a “CS” Stamping special?
Yes. The process to reorder “CS” specials is the same as all other stamping products. Locate your item through your history or saved lists and select Re-Order.

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Placing Quotes & Orders – Punching Specific

Can all configurations of standard tooling be done in My Account?
No. Due to the complexity of our products and lack of customer facing resources, not all configurations are able to be completed in My Account. Customers will need to make a note on each tool for:
▪ No Back Taper/Extra Back Taper 
▪ Stubby Style 
▪ Reduced Die Land 
▪ Odd angle keying 

Where can I find Ultra-Tooling for large station punches?
Large station M-12 punches can currently be found under “Standard”.

I need to order parts for my punch and guide assembly. How do I know what part to order?
Our catalogs have replacement parts noted for assemblies. Tooling Technicians are available to assist in identifying replacement parts as well.

Which dimension do I enter first when entering dims for shaped tooling in punching?
Always enter the larger dimension as Dim 1. Click here to download a quick reference for Dim 1 and Dim 2 on our standard shapes.

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Quote & Order History

Do only quotes/orders I placed online show up in My Account history?
No. All quotes and orders placed for your company are available.

How do I change the dates for my search range?
Click on the date button. A calendar will open, allowing you to change the date. (Watch video demo.)

How far back can I search in My Account history?
Data is available from 2009 to present.

How do I find the tracking information for my order?
In Order History, select the order for which you need tracking information then click on “Track Shipment” (located under the shipping header in “Method of Shipping”). (Watch video demo.)

On the order detail page, I see a paper clip. What is this?
All the documents associated with that order are found here: Order confirmation, Packing Slip, Invoice, Drawing (if applicable), Quote Confirmation (if applicable). (Watch video demo.)

What are My Products?
This is a list of items your company has ordered, sorted by division.

What information can I access in my history?
All quotes and orders, along with the documents associated with those quotes and orders.

Can I search by just my location?
Yes. Set your ship-to location as the Default Address in your Profile. Searches in Quote and Order History and My Products will default to that location only. (Watch video demo.)

Can I search by all my locations?
Yes. Select “Use All Ship-To Addresses”. (Watch video demo.)

Can I change the location I’m searching?
Yes. Select “View Address Book” and select the location you want to search. (Watch video demo.)

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Saved Lists

How do I create Saved Lists and what are the benefits of this feature?
Products can be added to a new or existing Saved List from your Order Cart or from the product page. This feature can be used as a tool management system, it simplifies ordering of commonly used tools, and allows you manage tools by job number. (Watch video demo.)

Can anyone from my company who has access to My Account see my saved list?
No. Saved lists are specific to your username and log in. Sales Desks and Sales Engineers are not able to see customers saved lists.

Can I order an entire saved list at one time?
Not at this time. Each item must be added to the cart separately.

Can saved lists be shared?
Not at this time. However, you are able to print out your shared list.

Can I create an inventory of the tooling I purchase?
Yes. Create a Saved List for your inventory (standards and specials). You can move tooling from your Order History to a Saved List or configure new tooling.

What is a Saved List?
A Saved List your own personal tool list. You can add and remove items from this list. You can have as many saved lists as you need.

Why is there no pricing in my Saved List?
Saved Lists don’t have an expiration date. In order to see current pricing, move the item to your Order Cart or Quote Cart.

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Shared Files

How do I find .DXF files?
In Shared Files, select Engineering Files. Search by SO# or by a date range. (Watch video demo.) Note: For bending specials, a .dxf file may not be available. Please contact a Bending Tooling Technician.

How do I find invoices?
In Shared Files, select Invoice then search by SO# or by a date range. (Watch video demo.) LINK NEEDED

How do I find Order Confirmations?
In Shared Files, select Orders then search by SO# or by a date range. In Quote/Order History, select Orders then search by date range. (Watch video demo.)

How do I find packing lists?
In Shared Files, select Deliveries then search by SO# or by a date range. (Watch video demo.)

How do I find Quotes?
In Shared Files, select Quotes then search by date range. In Quote/Order History, select Quotes then search by date range. (Watch video demo.)

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Can I switch my default unit of measure (metric / imperial)?
Yes. Go to My Account – Profile. There’s a drop-down box to change between Metric and Imperial. (Watch video demo.)

How do I create an account for My Account by Wilson Tool International?
On the Sign-In page, select Register. Complete the requested information. Your registration is not instant. Once your information has been reviewed, you will receive an email from My Account – Wilson Tool confirming your registration and prompting you to reset your password.

How do I reset my password?
Go to the My Account button and click on “Sign In”. Then click “Forgot your password?” In the pop up window, enter your email address and click “Reset Password”. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Please Note: This link is only valid for 30 minutes. (Watch video demo.)

How do I update my billing/shipping address?
Billing addresses cannot be updated online. Please contact a Tooling Technician. Shipping addresses can be added on the Profile page.

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General Website Information

How do I find a catalog?
Click “Resources” near the top of your screen. Then select your desired option under “Product Type” and select “Catalogs” under “Media Type”. (Watch video demo.)

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