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Not All Tool Steels Are the Same

In today’s world, stampers need to know the intricacies of working with a wide variety of sheet metal. From Aluminum to TRIP materials, manufacturers need a variety of tool steel options to tackle the challenges of each material.

The Impax Tooling Solutions® team at Wilson Tool understands that no two tool steels are the same. They are trained to assist in determining what tool steel will set your tooling up for success.

Tool Steel Options to Increase Uptime

Check out our portfolio of tool steels that will help reduce downtime, save in costs and increase number of hits when punching challenging material.

The Right Tool Steel for Your Application

No two stamping applications are the same, so you need more than one tool steel to choose from. Download this flyer that highlights many of the different tool steels offered by Impax Tooling Solutions® to assist in determining the right steel for your application.

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Real Life Cost Savings with Ultima® M4 Tool Steel

Hear from stampers on how Ultima® M4 tool steel from Impax Tooling Solutions® has helped them solve various challenges and experience cost savings.


Stampers are under continuous pressure to maximize green time and improve productivity. As the use of advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) expands to an ever-growing number of industries, many are finding themselves spending more time in the tool room with dies that are in need of repair and no longer producing. With these new materials boasting superior strength and the potential to reduce part weight by up to 25% or more, it’s no surprise that other industries are following suit, adopting AHSS materials in their manufacturing.

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Stamping Tool Steel Webinar Slide Previews


Are You Using the Right Tool Steel?

The steel your stamping tooling is made of will make a huge difference in performance. Watch this webinar on tool steel to learn how tool steel has evolved over the years as well also how you can choose the steel best suited for your application.

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Explore More Solutions for Your Stamping Applications

The value of having a tooling partner who understands the industry and the challenges faced is even more important when the one constant in manufacturing is change. Wilson Tool International has two divisions that provide stamping products to customers worldwide — Impax Tooling Solutions® and Exacta Tooling Solutions™ allow Wilson Tool to service every stamping need.

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The Impax Tooling Solutions® team is well versed in stamping applications and the challenges that stampers can face. With our tooling and industry expertise, we are able to provide solutions that enhance tooling performance, reduce down time and improve quality. Contact us today to explore solutions available to you.

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