HP Accu-Lock Inserts and Retainer

You Don’t Have Time to Wait

When you need a custom retainer why stop production to reorder? HP Accu-Lock® Retainer Inserts give you the retention method so you can make the retainer you need, in-house. There’s little downtime, no need for complicated tools or specialized knowledge to make it work for you. Simply follow the instructions using machines in your shop. And get right back to production.

DIY with HP Accu-Lock®

Purchasing custom retainers for a special request is costly and can add weeks to a job. Cut your lead times from several weeks to a day and significantly reduce waste. Save time and money on retainers now!

Retainer Inserts and Retainers from Impax

Click through to explore details about our patented HP Accu-lock® Retainer Insert solution. Or, for traditional and custom retainers, see our selection ranging from headed, square and end retainers to custom options.

How does HP Accu-Lock® Work?

Watch this free webinar to explore how you can utilize HP Accu-Lock® to gain efficiencies and minimize downtime in your shop. See how you can make or modify existing retainers in-house using tools you already have on hand.

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ow to Create Custom Retainers In-House with HP Accu-Lock
The Right Fit – Article about HP Accu-Lock Retainer Inserts

Avoid Project Delays with Retainer Inserts

This article in FF Journal discusses when retainer inserts can save the day. The article answers a variety of questions including: “What happens when a new part run requires adjustments? Or what about those short-run jobs that require a number of improvements? What if the deadline for completing the part run doesn’t allow time for a lengthy tool build?” Read more to learn about staying on schedule thanks to HP Accu-Lock®.

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Job Shop Keeps Customers Happy with DIY Solution

Read about this Detroit job-shop serving the demanding auto industry. When deadlines had to be met, they turned to HP Accu-Lock® Retainer Inserts as the solution that would keep them in production, and meeting customer needs.

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Case Study article about HP Accu-Lock Retainer Inserts
HP Accu-Lock Special Retainer Insert Flyer

Downloadable HP Accu-Lock® Information

Review this flyer for details on HP Accu-Lock® Retainer Inserts. Learn more about how they can save you from waiting for expensive custom retainers to arrive. See how simple it is to DIY retainers in your own shop.

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