HPX® A- and B-Station Tooling

Best-In-Class Thick Turret Tooling

HPX® guide assemblies are specifically engineered to meet the needs of sheet metal manufacturers and provide the easiest set-up and use for thick turret tooling.

HPX guide assemblies run Wilson Tool’s patented EXP® punch tip tooling, which provide twice the life over traditional thick turret punches. Spend less time being down.

Industry-Leading Technology

HPX® guide assemblies have been upgraded to include a push-button guide release for easy removal and installation, as well as a quick button release for the EXP® punch tip.

Fast Tool Changes

Wilson Tool’s patented HPX® guide assemblies now feature an easy-to-use button release for changing the EXP® punch tip. Same strength and reliability — now with the push of a button. Spend more time in production and less time looking for the blue key.

Push Button EXP® Punch Release

Push-Button Guide Release

A- and B-station HPX® assemblies for thick turret tooling now have a push-button guide release. This design allows the guide to be removed or installed with the simple push of a button.

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Animation of the HPX® Guide Quick Release Button

Less Down Time

Available exclusively from Wilson Tool, Ultima® Premium Tool Steel is engineered to significantly increase wear-resistance over conventional tool steels. With up to twice as long between regrinds, Ultima punches substantially reduce downtime and tool replacement costs. Breaking, chipping, cracking, tool fatigue and other downtime problems are minimized, providing longer-term gains in productivity and profitability.

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Cost of Punching 2 Million Holes with B Station Punch Chart

Quick Punch LENGTH Adjustments

With each ‘click’ of the adjustment ring, the punch is lengthened or shortened by 0.005". Precise adjustments can be achieved in seconds. Spend less time and energy adjusting your punch length when running HPX® guide assemblies.

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Close-up of the HPX® Adjustment Dial

HPX® Technology Upgrades

This flyer provides an overview of how running HPX® guide assemblies from Wilson Tool will keep your production up and running, saving you time and money.

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Wilson Tool’s Punching team is highly experienced in punching applications and the many challenges that manufacturers can face. With our tooling knowledge and industry expertise, we can provide solutions that enhance tooling performance, reduce down-time and improve quality. Contact us today to explore solutions available to you.

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