Optimizing Tablet Tooling for Maximum Operation

May 17, 2018


In our previous tableting webinars, we’ve discussed the anatomy of a tool and how adopting tool standards, like the TSM, can improve your production. We’ve also covered how to maximize machine uptime by caring for your tools and identifying basic problems with tablets.
This upcoming tablet webinar will focus on “tool optimization”. We will discuss the selection of tool steels, coatings, and tool design in the context of using such products as magnesium, calcium and other sticky materials.
Sign up to explore the following:

• What is “tool optimization”?

• Are coatings the answer to my wear issues?

• How can a tool steel affect tool life, punch cup force vs. wear?

• Can I really save a lot over time by spending more up-front?

• Logos, bisects and characters: what you really need to know.

Date: May 17, 2018
Time: 1:00 PM Central Time
Location: Online