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A Commitment to Improvement

Even more so than in other industries, it’s important that manufacturers maintain a commitment to growth and development. As innovators and makers, continuous improvement is the engine that keeps us alive and thriving. At Wilson Tool International, we are dedicated to forward movement, and when you choose a partner with a commitment to improve, everybody wins. See how below.

Innovative Solutions for Complex Tableting Runs

Count on Wilson Tool’s expertise to guide you through your toughest tableting campaigns.

Quick and Precise Press Setup

Tru-Position Tooling  helps manufacturers expedite press set-ups and get into production faster — with greater accuracy. Manufactured with extremely tight tolerances, Tru-Position Tooling sets which include a Master Setting Tool allow upper punches to be installed into any station and mate properly with any die.

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Pre-recorded training webinars are available on for increasing output, solving common challenges and maximizing your uptime. You can watch these tablet manufacturing video tutorials on your lunch break, or anytime you have 30 minutes to spare. They are sure to provide some helpful takeaways to make your job easier. And our team is available to answer any follow-up questions you may have.

Kaizen: A Tool for Growth

“Kaizen” means “improvement” in Japanese. At Wilson Tool International, we hold “kaizen” events as a team to self-evaluate and grow. Kaizens are an effective performance-enhancing tool that any company can implement. This webinar describes how to conduct a kaizen, and the results you can expect from this practice.

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Kaizen webinar

Simplify Your Ordering Process

Improvement comes in many forms. If your processes are overly complicated or time-consuming, they’re detracting from a more important task. Make your purchasing process smoother with these two industry-first resources.

Tableting Solutions Catalog

From punch and die selection to tablet defect solutions, this catalog contains all you need to make an informed and accurate choice on your next tooling order.

Tablet Tooling Solutions Catalog from Wilson Tool International

Easy Ordering Guide

This guide is a simple fill-in-the-blank format for easy tablet tooling order placement. Let this help you simplify and streamline your purchase process.

Tablet Tooling Easy Ordering Guide from Wilson Tool International

Optimizing Your Tablet Press Tooling

Given the number of variables between tableting jobs, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether it’s size, compressibility, abrasiveness, or lubricity, each run has its own unique properties. Learn how optimal tool design, material, and coatings can minimize picking, sticking, fracture, and excessive wear.

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