Pro Alloy Motorsport Races Towards Greater Production Efficiency

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East Anglia-based Pro Alloy Motorsport Ltd,, a UK based designer and manufacturer of alloy heat exchangers and specialist fuel system parts that supports customers in the automotive, motorsport, aviation, military, commercial and scientific research sectors, has increased production capacity at its East Anglia facility with acquisition of a new CNC turret punch from LVD (UK) Ltd.

“LVD work very closely with the team at Wilson Tool International and the collaboration between LVD and Wilson Tool ensured that our team were provided with very detailed and in-depth training and guidance on both machine operation, tooling selection and tooling use. Wilson Tool continue to provide us with very comprehensive support and advice, and the extensive range of standard tooling and custom designed tooling they are able to provide will enable us to really maximise all the features that the LVD Stippit P machine is able to offer.”