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iSeries™ Tooling

The iSeries™ tooling line is designed to be perfectly compatible with the AITS® tool ID system. All key components are laser marked with a data matrix code that contains a unique serial number for that component. The system scans and stores the tooling data under this serial number from this code, allowing you to automate and manage your tool inventory.

Features Include:
  • AITS-system compatible laser marked data matrix code on all tooling
  • A tooling characteristic document accompanies each tooling shipment
  • HPX and HP2 assemblies have a mechanically fastened guide retention feature that ensures tool stays assembled during loading
Tool styles available in iSeries:
  • HPX A & B Station
  • Metric Style HP2 (A & B Station)
  • Metric HP Style (C, D & E Station)
  • Wilson HP Style (C, D  & E Station)
  • HP DuraBlade® (D & E Station)